The Simple Things That Sustain Me ( Part I of too many) 


I always talk about the little things that bring me joys. But this time, I want to start documenting and see where the list go… ( I see many many posts around this!)

1. Having the option of sleeping in 

2. A free evening with endless hours ahead for reading 

3. A new book on my doorstop

4. A long walk preferably with a smooth breeze 

5. Pink skies. Always 


In the crevices of life


I’ve learned that…

Less is more.

 It’s better not to cry over spilled milk. When in doubt, ask. 

Not to take everything personal because most of the time, is not. 

There are things I can’t control. Let it go. 

Happiness is found in the crevices of life, in those in between moments. 

Simple moments are the best. 

I’m sure there’s more to learn. I’m paying attention…. 


Again…. Perspectives


I’ve always admired Michael J. Fox. I’ve watched his journey and paid attention to how he turned a painful situation around to the point of becoming an advocate. Listening to him last night at the Ohio Theater just validated my love and admiration for him even more. 

He spoke with love, humor and reflection. He kept it real and didn’t hide the tough moments. He talked about his journey with Parkinson as a ” choice he didn’t make.” But two powerful points he made included on the topic of:

1. Acceptance. Michael J. Fox stated, ” this is a fact. This is my truth. Until I didn’t deal with this truth, I couldn’t move forward.” 
2. Resilience: develop a core set of beliefs that will help you stay strong. 

“It’s a gift that I became a touch point for empathy for many.” 

I left the theater with strength, admiration and faith. Thanks Michael J.  Fox for helping me understand so much more than before.  


The ones that never left..


You know you are blessed when you have that unconditional kind of love that does not keep track of your mistakes. The kind of love that says, “let’s try this again tomorrow.” The kind of love that forgives and still believes in you. I saw this quote by my favorite president of all time and I know what he means. To the ones that held my hand, still believed in me when I messed up, when I fell and scratch myself in big ways: thank you! Your love propelled me forward. I continue to work on myself because of people like you.  Because of friends like you that “parted with me when I went wrong.”

 Thank you. 


Now vs Later


I went to a surprise birthday party today and little did I know that I was going to drop tears of joy. My friend Sandra has definitely planted seeds of love in life. And today was a good testimony of that life because as friends and family gathered to celebrate her, guests also have the chance to talk about her and share with everyone how much Sandra means to everyone.  People shared stories, gave reasons and examples, there were embraces and tears. There were memories and years. There were seasons and places. I felt so overjoyed that Sandra got to hear all this on her birthday when she can enjoy and savor those words. 

Don’t get me wrong I understand why we speak this way at funerals but when that happens the person doesn’t get to hear it. She or he is long gone. But when we say it now vs. later, we are changing the course of life. We are creating a revolution of love and appreciation. Everyone was filling Sandra’s bucket today and I’m sure by the end of the day, she was ready to start spreading that love to others. So, I say let’s choose NOW instead of later. Say it now. Let’s make our days and years count. Say it forward.  


The things we take for granted 


I know I had. After being in this beautiful country for 14 years,  there are things you get used to doing or having them. We don’t think much about it. Until you realize, what if I don’t get to do this? What if life experiences change and “this thing” that was once little become a BIG part of your life? That’s what trips to the library means to me. I grew up not having access to real, awesome libraries and missed my chance to be a reader in my childhood years. Fast forward some years, and now I have access to the best library system in the States. Any book. Total access. Yes. We take for granted. We have gotten used to putting online book reservations and then picking them up. It’s a big deal people. It’s a huge deal. Next time you step at the library, I encourage you to just pause and think… In this case, in this country… The choice to be a reader or not is YOURS. #365Simplicity